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Reservations can be made on tel.: +420 608 504 072 or using our reservation system.


Compensation system:

  1. Tenis Cibulka allows compensations for prepaid service in specified period – performing so. uncollected pro-rata refunds of service – units. The unit in this case means - tennis lesson (55 minutes of game + 5 minutes of the court maintenance ), one hour of badminton etc. Partial hours (eg. 30, 45 minutes) can not be replaced.
  2. Compensation means non-monetary choice of alternative term/date to carry out the proportional part of service which was not used.
  3. Compensation can be claimed only if the inability to draw services is reported to our company before 08.00 pm. on the previous day (On Monday you can report absence till 08:00 pm. for service booked for Tuesday). In other cases, is the unused service- labeled as "late replacement" and its replacement is possible only if the company was able to sell the service to another customer.
  4. Entitlement to compensation can be applied and removed only during the period in which it was applied (winter or summer season) and in the identical or lower price range. Selection of compensation in a higher price range is possible only after the payment of the resulting difference in cash. Selection of compensation in the lower price range does not create an entitlement to monetary refund for the price difference.
  5. Entitlement to compensation expires after the season, summer / winter.
  6. Bad weather or other circumstances beyond the control of the company does not create purchasers entitlement for compensation for the services ordered.
  7. In the event that the customer requires playing on a particular court without the possibility of redirecting to another court, he terminates his entitlement for compensation.